Significance of national symbols are less than the importance of life, liberty and dignity of individual citizens

Relevance and Significance of National Symbols

The recent controversy around someone refusing to shout “Bharat Mata ki Jai” reminded me of an incident sometime back, when a family was reportedly harassed in a theater because they did not stand up for the national anthem. It is bad enough to have a legal requirement to play the national anthem at every screening, and it is absolutely outrageous for […]

JNU Row – Nationalism and the Right to Dissent

Recent events at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi, and the political drama that followed has divided Indians into those who identify themselves as nationalists and others who, equally proudly, proclaim themselves anti-national. The debate has pitted those who pretend to champion freedom of expression and dissent against those who will tolerate no act that may be deemed seditious or […]

Not allowing women aged between 10 and 50 to enter Sabarimala can be considered as a gender bias in temples and other places of worship

Gender Bias in Temples and other Places of Worship

“Incredible India” is home to many incredible traditions. There are several thousand different sects following different customs, having their own deities and places of worship. These include temples for Gods, animals, saints, celestial bodies, and even actresses and politicians! The rules followed at many of these are often strange, and usually, follow from local customs and […]

Hitler helped end colonialism

How Hitler Helped End Colonialism

European colonies which gained their freedom post World War II owe their freedom, in a great part, to Hitler and the Nazis. Whether or not he really meant to do so, there are at least two ways in which Hitler helped end colonialism. The first of these is more straightforward, less controversial, seldom disputed, and widely […]

Thoughts on Faridabad Immolation Tragedy

Social and conventional media are ablaze with the Faridabad immolation tragedy. If innocent people, especially children, lose their life, it is natural for people to feel sad and pained. It goes without saying that the case should be investigated impartially and if there is foul play, perpetrators should be brought to justice. In India, however, […]