Corporate Bahubali - Bahu was good at hands-on technical stuff and also mentored junior members

Corporate Bahubali – The Conclusion

<<< Previous part Note: This is the continuation and conclusion of a story given in two parts. It is recommended that you read the first part and continue if you already haven’t The name of this architect was Devasena, and Balla requested Sivagami to have her allocated to his team for a project that was not […]

Corporate Bahubali - Bali doing the technical heavylifting required for automation

Corporate Bahubali – The Beginning

Please take your time to read, for as they say, the devil is in the details… The camera descends from the blue cloudless sky to a modern building whose glass walls reflect the blueness of the skies, indicating the infinite possibilities within. This marvel of engineering is home to Mahishmati Infotech (MI), a leading IT […]