Dazzling colors and brilliant lights fade away To silence, the clamour of fireworks gives way Only shreds of paper remain on the ground, Smell of gunpowder in the air hangs around. Of pleasures relished for as long as they last, Vague memories remain, like dreams of the past Of a life well lived, after a year or […]

The Greatest of Henpecked Husbands

Stories of pativratas – women devoted to their husbands – are generally celebrated in history, folklore, and classic literature. Henpecked husbands, on the other hand, are mostly not considered worthy of mention. So when I came across the tale of such a person in our scriptures found it very interesting. More so because, instead of looking […]

Is Tamil older than Malayalam? Genealogy of the primary Dravidian languages spoken in South India answers the question of which is the oldest South Indian Language

Is Tamil older than Malayalam?

Which is the oldest South Indian language? Is Tamil older than Malayalam? These are some questions that often come up during discussion of Dravidian languages and their history. It is a matter of pride among many Tamilians that their language is the oldest, and Tamil was also the first Indian language to be declared a […]

Curious Result of Percentage Changes in Value

This will be elementary to those who are sound in high school maths, but might easily be overlooked by others. Since it is counter-intuitive to the untrained mind, as well as relevant in many day-to-day situations, hope this discussion will be valued at least by some. Yes, value is the topic of this discussion – specifically, the […]

Magic Squares With Katapayadi - formula

Magic Squares With Katapayadi

The Katapayadi system of representing numbers that we introduced in a previous post opens up the possibility of numerous tricks and techniques to memorize numbers and patterns of numbers that are useful, or otherwise interesting. An example of this is an easy technique involving this number system to create ultimate magic squares with perfect symmetry. […]